City Noise (Scryed)
Love Invaders (Scryed)
Digital Head (Scryed)

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Hey everyone!
Whether your are a indie/rock or pop music lover or you are business customer looking for some professional royalty free music, I'm quite confident you can find the right music track here.

I compose in a variety of genres, and you may listen to my latest indie rock solo songs and to the old punk rock songs recorded by SCRYED band. In the royalty free collection you will find tracks suitable as background for almost every thing from computer games to video, advertisements, short films and business presentations.

All music by Biala.

Scryed was a noisy, modern rock band founded by Dany on the guitars, Svet on the bass, Misho on the drums and Biala singing the vocals.
It all started at 02.02.2007 in the mists of Sofia. At the beginning funny little Dany was beating the drums. He was absolutely freak (in the good sense of the word) but a compleat chaos in the beat. So when Misho joined at april 2007, he puts order in the drums and suddenly the other band members realized what music they were actually playing. Then the big question striked. The band name !!!! Few months passed and the name emerged... SCRYED. We recorded 3 songs but in 2009 Misho left the band and Sryed was over.
Today I am recording alone ....

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